Laughter Yoga with Orphaned & Vulnerable children

Tuesday 15 July 2014 ~ Umtha Welanga

How wonderful it was to see some familiar faces, and some new when we were invited back to share Laughter Yoga with 2 groups of children at Umtha Welanga on Tuesday.  I was accompanied by fellow Laugher and friend Roseanne Turner who also consults for this organisation.  We did 2 laughter sessions, one with the younger children (5 – 10 year olds) and then one with the older children (10 – 18 year olds).  Again I was deeply touched how these at first tentative children really opened up and we shared some deep belly laughter together.

To follow are some pics from this recent visit.




Tuesday 10 December ~ Umtha Welanga

LY Very Good YAYWe were privileged to be invited to share Laugher Yoga with close on 80 children between the ages of 7 & 18, at Umtha Welanga.  Umtha Welanga is a NPO based in Khayelitsha, they provide support and care for orphaned and vulnerable children affected by HIV aids.

I was accompanied by fellow Social Laughter Club members Roseanne Turner and Michele Harvey.  Earlier in the year we were part of a team who in celebration of Mandela Day (18 July) went and cleaned out the storage room at Umtha Welanga.  Now 5 months later to be back at this inspiring organisation to share Laughter Yoga, and this on the day of Madiba’s memorial service.  I really could not think of a better place to be as we celebrated Madiba.

As a good Laughter Yoga teacher, I had my lesson plan all drawn out – I was quickly reminded that life seldom goes according to plan.  We shared some of our favourite laughter exercises and the children taught us some new laughter exercises: Farm yard laughter, sheep, cow and horse laughter.  It was wonderful to see an initial tentative group of children, relax and laugh along.  We emphasised that laughter is a life skill and can be used when experiencing anger or frustration – the reminder to laugh despite life’s circumstances.

Next year I will be returning to Umtha Welanga to offer an on-going monthly laughter yoga session with these children. To follow some pictures of the event.

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